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Real Estate & Business Lawyers in Philadelphia, PA

Attorney Richard Vanderslice

Richard L. Vanderslice

Attorney at Law

Richard's practice focuses on real estate and business litigation, and he also has extensive experience in personal injury law. Mr. Vanderslice has presented many real estate-focused continuing education class including those related to Act 135 conservatorships, trial techniques for small firms, short term rentals, foreclosure, and title issues. This experience as an educator really benefits Richard's clients as he is able to help them fully understand their situation and how certain laws will affect their case. Richard is also licensed to practice law in the state of New Jersey and extends his legal services to all those who are searching for high-quality legal counsel and representation.

Attorney Anthony J Caiazzo, Jr.

Anthony J. Caiazzo, Jr.

Of Counsel

Anthony Caiazzo, of counsel, is the key behind the professional personal service that you will receive at the law offices of Anthony J. Caiazzo, Jr., Esquire, P.C. Founded in 1965 by Anthony Caiazzo, Sr., Esquire, the firm has been serving South Philadelphia for over 40 years. The Caiazzo ‘s are truly the American story of success. Anthony Caiazzo, Sr., Esquire came to Philadelphia as an Italian immigrant when he was four years old. He could not speak nor read English. His indomitable spirit and intelligence over came every obstacle placed in his way. Mr. Caiazzo's experience and dedication to his practice are what makes his firm stand out with excellence and distinction.

Let Us Take the Complexity Out of Real Estate

As real estate attorneys, we understand the importance of understanding the current real estate and housing market and the legal requirements of acquisition and sale of real property. Due to the complexity of real estate law, transactions do not always go over smoothly, which is why an experienced attorney can help you avoid a number of mistakes and pitfalls.

Our Philadelphia-based law firm also handles cases involving the Abandoned and Blight Property Conservatorship Act, in which our attorneys can assist you to put together a petition for temporary possession to the court.

Our attorneys are well experienced in helping clients across Philadelphia County buy and sell real estate, and have successfully conducted the closing of various types of real property. We are trusted by friends, colleagues, and clients for our pragmatism, personal attention, and our ongoing pursuit of education in current real estate market trends and updated policies.

When you bring your home or commercial property case to us we will conduct your case with professionalism and respect for you and your situation. No matter what you are dealing with, we can help you close the deal.



Honest Representation & Legal Guidance

At Richard L. Vanderslice, P.C., we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through your real estate law matter efficiently. As skilled real estate attorneys, we understand the importance of staying up-to-date on market trends and best practices in the industry. Based in Philadelphia, we have served the needs of individuals, families, and businesses through many different legal situations — including personal injury and business litigation.

If you're facing legal issues over a personal injury, such as struggling to recover from a car accident, slip and fall, or another incident, you may be eligible for compensation for medical expenses and other damages. We want to help you pursue a claim that will help you obtain the resources you need.

We want to help your business adapt to the ever-changing commercial climate of today's society. Philadelphia County is home to many different businesses and business owners, and we will give you the individualized counsel you need to pursue your individual goals with passion and success. As experienced business litigation attorneys, we can also provide strong representation should a need arise.

No matter the situation you find yourself in, you won't find finer legal advisers for your case. We will always prioritize your needs and treat you with compassion, honesty, and respect. So don't wait. Put your case in good hands by calling our office to schedule a consultation today.