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Business Litigation Attorneys in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Business litigation can affect all types of businesses regardless of their size, type, legal status, or income. Depending on your case, business litigation proceedings could last for years and could cost you thousands or even millions of dollars. 

At Richard L. Vanderslice, P.C., we understand the risks involved in litigation. The future of your company may depend on the outcome of your business litigation case. That is why our skilled business litigation attorneys are committed to providing strategic and aggressive representation for our clients. 

We help business owners in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and surrounding counties, including Philadelphia, Delaware, and Montgomery, craft strategies tailored to their specific business goals and best interests. Our clients include businesses of all sizes, ranging from start-ups and small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

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Business Litigation Process 

Litigation is the legal proceeding in which a party (the plaintiff) takes a case to court against another party (the defendant). An understanding of the business litigation process is crucial for any business owner in order to secure a favorable outcome. Essentially, the business litigation process can be broken down into five steps: 

  1. Consultation with an attorney. Because the stakes are high, a consultation with a business litigation attorney is a vital step to take when you are involved in a business dispute. Each case is unique, which is why an attorney will evaluate your specific situation and craft an individualized strategy. 

  1. Filing/response. Business litigation proceedings begin when the plaintiff files a complaint, which states all of the claims against the defendant. The defendant receives notice of the legal action and has 30 days to respond to the complaint. 

  1. Discovery. The next stage is discovery, a formal legal proceeding in which the parties exchange information regarding facts pertaining to the dispute. 

  1. Settlement/trial. After discovery is complete, parties may either settle the dispute or go to court. If the case proceeds to trial, it will be decided by the judge or a jury. 

  1. Post-trial. Once a verdict is rendered, the case moves to the post-trial phase, during which the parties have an opportunity to file motions for appeal. 

If your business is planning to sue or is being sued, contact our business litigation attorney at Richard L. Vanderslice, P.C., based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to help you navigate the legal process.  

Steps to Take to Prepare for Litigation 

If your business dispute cannot be resolved amicably without court involvement, there are certain steps you should take to prepare yourself and your business for litigation: 

  • Gather and preserve evidence. The outcome of your case may hinge on the evidence presented at trial. For this reason, it is crucial to gather and preserve as much evidence as possible. 

  • Do not communicate with the opposing party without your attorney. Anything you say or write to the opposing party or their attorney can be used against you in court. That is why it is best to consult with your attorney before engaging in any direct communication with the opposing party. 

  • Maintain your usual business operations. Do not let an ongoing lawsuit disrupt your business operations.  

  • Understand attorney-client privilege. Everything you tell your attorney is protected by the attorney-client privilege. It means that confidential communications between you and your attorney are kept private and cannot be used against you. 

  • Consider alternative dispute resolution options. Not all business disputes require litigation to get resolved. Speak with your attorney and discuss alternative dispute resolution options such as mediation and arbitration.  

How Legal Counsel Can Help 

You cannot take chances when it comes to protecting your business. When your business is facing litigation, you need to take immediate action. You need an experienced attorney who can protect your business interests and craft a strategy tailored to your specific goals and circumstances. 

At Richard L. Vanderslice, P.C., our business litigation attorneys are dedicated litigators with extensive experience in tackling a variety of complex commercial disputes. We help clients navigate court and litigation processes to ensure they can make informed decisions every step of the way.

Business Litigation Attorneys
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Business disputes can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to have someone on your side. The business litigation attorneys at Richard L. Vanderslice, P.C. are exceptionally skilled advocates who represent businesses of all sizes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and throughout the state. If you have questions about your business litigation matter, reach out to our office to get the legal guidance you need.